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The Ghost Awaits in the World Beyond

In a New World, Gods Will Decend

10 June 1985
I am the one at the eye of the storm, i brought the storm with me; and as i walk the line, i see the world around me change and people change and inevitable as they change so do i, but i am still and will always be at the eye of the storm always calm and collected.

I hate racism, sexism, fascism, strict parents, terrorism, littlist brothers who get away with blue murder, exams of any kind, kak mafuactured pop groups, people who double cross me, people who steel from those who can't afford it amd the iranian embasy

dyslexia i used to hate but now; not so much now. whilst is has totaly distroyed most of my lingustic skils; it has sharpened other things like my capasity for hand-to-eye, technal knowledge handeling, my almost enyclopedic knowledge of music, tv and film and my ability to talk about anything

As a freelance tech/hacker/director/artist for rent I will work on any kind of stage production, film set or anything to do with computers and do it well

I have shaken the hands of Tony Hawks; Michael Shanks (Dannel Jackson from Stagegate SG1); Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida from 24) and Roger Cross (Curtis Manning from 24); and gotten kisses from Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe from 24) and Teryl Rothery ( Dr. Janet Fraiser from stargate sg-1).

The reason why I have this journal is simple: tis a good place to think and speak/write without having someone censoring me or telling me what to think or do or write; yes i could spend time doing other more imporant stuff, but spending a bit of time here can really help a person clear their mind

This is my cartouche - my name in ancient Egyption hieroglyphics, as a student of Egyptology

my cartouche

i also beleve in essental reading material: the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman, anything by Terry Pratchett, anything on ancient egypt or persia, dilbert books of any kind, philip k dick; if you've never read any of these, then where have you been?

## my claims ##
I have claimed the following:

"The Tourist" by Radiohead @ claimasong
"Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day @ claimasong
"Novocaine For The Soul" by Eels @ claimasong