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The Ghost Awaits in the World Beyond
In a New World, Gods Will Decend
happy birthday to my friend rachel

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## thursday ##
i rose hell at the presentations and had tremendous fun; and i found a jacket - 36slim in black with vertical grey pinstripes

as my friend chris said, that wasn't me squared as i am for presentations (me squared is hyper, sharp tongued + razor wit and slightly acidic) but me cubed; which is hyper, sadistic, sharp tongued + razor wit and highly caustic with the filter between my brain and mouth totally disabled. there were two trouble makers in the guest audience so i put them in their places as vengeance for constantly attacking the other groups work, and treating them like they were real pitches instead of just ideas being kicked around.

i was substantially told that me 2 victims were the pro and vice deans of the design department; the people who succeeded in shutting us down; admittedly i didn't know this at the time or i would have been really vile, but by that point i had already warmed up for the rest of the days presentations, and burnt off the excess bile and anger

## friday ##
went to the mac expo and enjoyed myself immensely
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go there

watch it

be awed

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well i spent the day with natalie and loved it

aside from spending most of the day talking about everything, anything and nothing; we spent the day trying to find a suitable jacket for me to wear on Thursday (i have to spend the day in back-to-back presentations)

q - how hard is it to find a good looking jacket that doesn't cost more than about £50 in a size 36 slim or a 34 regular
a - bloody impossible

the good looking jackets were all coming up around the £80 mark and they tended to be two sizes too large and made me look like a starved African orphan
the poorer quality jackets that didn't look so great and still didn't fit

the only shop that had size 36s or 34r was NEXT and i flat-out refuse to pay £120 for a silk jacket (i don't wear silk, it creates the wrong image); so that was a lost cause

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i am a man of faith not religion; faith is about the one and god, religion is basicly a gang

faith is a set of guide to which we follow to try and walk the right path

religion is about having a mass mentality

a callas thing to say, especially for a dedicated Muslim, but there is truth in this fact

a man of faith can only judge himself and not other, because his standards and rules are only his own; religion damns people without the whole story

whole essence of what we are can be summed up in the simple line:
god = budah = soul = spirit = life force

we are all human; and words and holy texts we read are thus - man's interpretation's of these words not gods words directly

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tonight's film - the last kiss (the new zack braff film)

not bad, not great, but watchable

has some classy lines and an interested by-play of relationships and a multi-character plot that was likable


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whilst i was out and about today i met a spiritual guide/psychologist; well i met him after his talk @ the union bar

a fascinating talk; to where he imparted 3 truths and a piece of advice

1 - men destroy everything; women create everything

2 - the whole idea of corruption and the downfall of governments and the bulk of the nastier crimes committed against humanity have all be perpetuated by clans of men

3 - the ancient medji warriors of Egypt and the Persian gulf were groups of both men and women who were in touch with the emotions to such a degree that they achieved an almost "zen like" control of their dreams

4 - meditating is like doing your laundry; mental and spiritual cleaning. you only need to do it once or twice a week and your good to go

whilst i can't remember the guys name a discussion did brake out afterwards about the use of zen phylosolophy and meditation as a companion to religion

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a cool site that's down for a while so instead the production team has posted links to their favourite sites - worth looking around @

my personal favourites being:-
we make money not art (http://www.we-make-money-not-art.com/)
daily dose of imagery (http://wvs.topleftpixel.com/)
and from the onion (http://theonion.com/) - The Last King Of Scotland (http://www.avclub.com/content/node/53501)

get a kick out of stupid people and odd things

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i was discussing this with a few friends the other day

brad pitt - as a person he's an irritating little so and so; i couldn't care less what style he's wearing, who he's doing or who the hell he chooses to politically ally himself with

as an actor he's done some pretty good films: ocean's eleven, confessions of a dangerous mind, snatch, spy game, fight club, seven, meet joe black, 7 years in Tibet, 12 monkeys to name but a few films

why is this so; most of his film pieces are brilliant; but whenever he's in the news for something else i have a pressing desire to hurt him not a little but a lot

everything he comes on news 24 or google news, it's like i want to call Tony Soprano and ask him and the boys to go and have a work with brad; to tell him to keep his face out of the tabloids and back in the cinema.

If he's gotta come on the news to publisise a film, yes; tell us to help stop the spread of aids or GW bush, yes; but not to come on the news cos he and Angelina have done yet something else that i don't give a toss about

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tonight's film was "life & lyrics"

rating: -2/10

it was shite; had every cliché in the book

so bad that i spent a good portion of the film laught @ how crap it was whilst other members of the audience were asking why did we find it funny and how could we laugh @ such "hard hitting drama"

avoid this like the plague

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